Must See Designer Restaurants & Bars

Published on 02/16/2020

Designer brands are becoming popular for more than just their clothes, accessories and fashion items. Designer restaurants, cafes, and bars are now making their way into the food and social industry. You can now enjoy anything from coffee to cocktails in style unlike before. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the top designer spots to be seen at. From the likes of Fendi to Prada- be prepared to sit, eat and breathe designer.

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Must See Designer Restaurants & Bars

Bar Luce By Prada

This collaboration from Prada and Hollywood powerhouse Wes Anderson is based in Milan and has the elite eating out breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pinball machines, color block interiors, fresh pastries and designer cocktails this spot is is good at any time of the day and for any crowd. An incredible place to drink with the devil at Prada if you’re ever in Milan.

Thomas Cafe At Burberry

Named after the fashion legends founder- Thomas is a classic. Located in London the menu is classicly British with fish and chips as well as a high tea on the menu. All the produce and constituents are locally sourced and keeping the authentic British vibe alive. Simple, yet stunning and a true treat.

Vogue Cafe

Forget Breakfast at Tiffany’s, how about lunch at Vogue. This high-end, high-class spot is located in Moscow Russia and is home to all the local models. Gold and suede themed with the walls plastered in pictures of Vogue models- the menu is as designer and as classy as it gets. Boasting a few local Russian dishes as well as classic French macarons.

Fendi Caffe

This stunning cafe in Harrods London is relatively new and themed to a tee. With an Italian inspired menu, signature artwork, a monochromatic experience, and the Fendi logo found everywhere even sprinkled on your coffee- you will feel as designed out as it gets. We are talking antipasto, beef carpaccio and aubergine parmigiana unlike ever before.