The Best, Mouth-Watering Pizza Joints Around The World

Published on 08/19/2020

Everyone loves pizza! Pizza is one of the most loved dishes across the globe, and with so many delicious options to choose from, it may be a difficult task to pick where in the world to eat. However, the big question is where exactly does one find the best pizza? For all you true pizza lovers and avid travelers who will literally travel the globe to find the best food, this one is for you! Take a look where in the world you can find the top mouth-watering pizzerias.

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The Best, Mouth-Watering Pizza Joints Around The World

Rudy’s Pizza – Manchester, England

Most pizza lovers who have tasted many pizzas in England will easily tell you that Rudy’s Pizza is without a doubt the best. Many have even suggested that their pizzas are some of the best in Europe. They originally started in Manchester but have since opened a second branch in Manchester and also expanded to Liverpool. Their quality is absolutely brilliant which is why Rudy’s is so highly recommended.

Pizzeria Mozza – Los Angeles, USA

Mastering a delicious pizza is not always so simple, however, at Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles, they have got this down to a tee. Their pizzas tend to be a mix of Italian and California’s fine ingredients and crust. Pizzeria Mozza is famous for its delicious, crispy crust that is both sweet and sour -This is what makes its flavors so delicate! This pizza joint is small yet stylish is always bustling with greedy customers – so be sure to make a reservation in order not to miss tasting the best pizza in L.A.

Gigi Pizzeria – Sydney, Australia

Gigi Pizzeria is actually a vegan pizza place that serves some of the very best wood-fired pizzas with traditional flavors from Naples. Locals from all across Australia flock to this rustic-chic joint just to try their tasty pizza. Many have also said how the great atmosphere is and with their amazing food, it is a place that needs a frequent visit.

Goodfellas – Goa, India

Believe it or not, but some of the best pizza can actually be found in India. Goodfellas truly offers a taste of both Tuscany and Sardinia, in the heart of India. It is an extraordinary pizzeria with a gorgeous ambiance which is also perfect for a romantic date night. Goodfellas offers a delicious assortment which is not only a huge hit amongst many locals but is loved by many tourists too. So next time you’re in Goa and head over to this super delicious pizzeria for some real woodfire oven pizza!

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele – Naples, Italy

As pizza originated in Italy, it’s obvious that you will no doubt find the very best pizza in this remarkable country. But with so many choices, where exactly can one find the most superior pizzeria. Well, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Naples is considered to be the ultimate one. Numerous people have called their pizza is the best they have ever eaten. The atmosphere is always buzzing, despite that, the queues are always long. You will feel like you’re in even once you are done.