These Cities Are The Place To Be On Thanksgiving

Published on 07/29/2019

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday celebrating American history, known for good company and even better food! Families have their own traditions to celebrate the holiday, but most gather together for a festive holiday feast with the ones they love most. In case you and your family want to switch it up this year and celebrate Thanksgiving with a new tradition, we’ve put together a list of the most festive spots to celebrate the holiday!

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These Cities Are The Place To Be On Thanksgiving

Orlando, Florida

Did you expect Disney World and Universal Studios to be jam-packed during the week of Thanksgiving? You guessed correctly! But do not fret…the park has extended hours during this festive holiday season. Worried you and the kids won’t be able to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal with family and friends? Disney has you covered! All of the hotel’s restaurants offer a festive feast for your family’s enjoyment…and don’t forget, you’ll be dining with some of Disney’s most famous characters! Want to go all out for Thanksgiving? Good thing Disney Cruise Line has the perfect getaway for the entire family! The Thanksgiving at Sea Cruise boasts beautiful seasonal decor, live football games, Disney characters dressed in holiday-themed attire, and last but not least…a traditional turkey feast!

The Big Apple

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving in NYC is a trip worth remembering! New York is home to the one and only Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, attracting more than 3 million spectators every year…and a whopping 50 million viewers watch from home! If standing outside in the bustling cold weather sounds less than appealing, be sure to book a hotel room that overlooks the parade route. Talk about entertainment in the comfort of your own (hotel room) home! After the popular parade, comes Black Friday, the most epic shopping event of the year. Retailers slash prices, attracting shoppers to the holiday deals just before Christmas rolls around. NYC is special all year round, but this season is truly something else entirely. Tourists who make New York their home for the holidays will not be disappointed!

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving in the place where it all began? Plymouth, Massachusetts sits 45 minutes south of Boston, the home of the first historic gathering. The town of Plymouth hosts an entire weekend of festivities, bringing the history of the site to life. Locals dress up as pilgrims, soldiers, patriots and Native Americans. The town is alive with street festivals, free concerts and a historic parade.

Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg, Virginia is another historic town worth visiting during the Thanksgiving season. Characters in costumes act out the early years of American life, paying homage to the holiday we all know and love. Colonial Williamsburg hosts a fun-filled weekend for visitors, including holiday feasts and an annual event called “Foods & Feasts of Colonial Virginia”.