Nottingham: The Hidden Gem Of The Midlands, United Kingdom

Published on 03/27/2022

The city is the place to be unless you desire peace and quiet above all else. The city has it all for going out, hanging out, eating out, or just chilling out. Nottingham is no exception – in fact, it has to be one of Britain’s top cities for the reasons listed below and more. Some make the city an excellent place to live, while others are awards and innovations that make it all-around amazing. So, leave London and New York aside, here are nine reasons why Nottingham is the best city in the world.

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Shutterstock 759042637


Nottingham Is Young And Carefree

Nottingham has a student population of over 60,000, making it one of the youngest cities in the UK. There are more under-30s here than in any other city save Manchester, according to reports. As a result, it’s a terrific area to hang out with friends for the day or night. Climb at Clip ‘n’ Climb, play mini-golf and drink cocktails at The Lost City, and then see a show at Rock City. Nottingham offers an exceptional array of pubs and bars – TripAdvisor lists 137 of them, including England’s oldest pub, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem – if you prefer a quieter night. For the seventh year in a straight, the city has received the Purple Flag Award, which recognizes excellence in city center nightlife management.


Nottingham is difficult to top when it comes to treating yourself or a friend.
High-end stores such as Pandora and Superdry, as well as cafes and restaurants, can be found at the Victoria Centre. The Flying Horse Walk arcade is a Georgian covered shopping mall with a mix of national corporations and indie stores, named after a local historic bar. ‘The Exchange,’ a mix of alternative boutiques, fine arts, and great wines, has been at the center of Nottingham shopping since 1929.

Old But New

If the last of these interests you, visit Hockley, a time machine that transports you to a Victorian era with cobbled streets. It’s been dubbed “Nottingham’s Soho” because of its treasure troves of vintage clothing and antiques. Cow, Wild Clothing, and White Rose have you covered for classic evening wear, while Hopkinson offers one-of-a-kind homeware and artworks for even the most opulent apartment.

Innovation In Spades

Nottingham has given birth to some of the most influential ideas and inventions of our time, many of which we take for granted.
Did you know that the Nottingham Electronic Valve Company invented the world’s first video recorder, the Telcan, in 1963?
Nottingham High School pupil John Peake Knight, who was born in 1866, designed life-saving traffic lights. The first high-pressure supply, developed by local engineer Thomas Hawksley at Trend Bridge in 1831, is the source of running water in every residence. If you enjoy a bacon butty on a Sunday afternoon, you’ll need HP brown sauce, a condiment developed by Nottingham merchant Frederick Gibson Garton.

‘The Home of Sport’

Nottingham was dubbed “The Home of Sport” by Visit England in 2015, emphasizing the city’s contribution to British sport. There are more sporting facilities per person in Europe than anyplace else, and plenty of possibilities to watch or participate. Whatever sport you enjoy, you’ll find it in this city, which is home to two professional football teams, a test match cricket ground, and national ice and water sports centers. Several Team GB squads, including world champion speed skaters, are based here. Since the 1960s, the city has held its own annual urban cycling event, the Milk Race. The Jesse Boot Wildcats Arena is a multi-purpose sports complex worth £2 million that is located just outside of the city center. It is home to the Nottingham Hoods basketball team, which competes in the English National Basketball League with two squads. If you like more traditional sports, there’s no better location to try archery than one of the clubs sprinkled around Robin Hood’s homeland.

In Touch With It’s Past

Despite the fact that the city is alive and thriving, there is enough of history to discover. In the Middle Ages, the city had its own castle, which served as a temporary royal palace. There are museums to suit practically every historical interest, from the family-friendly Robin Hood Experience to the horrific Haunted Museum, which features a 1920s horror movie cinema. Wollaton Hall, meanwhile, is a 16th-century country house that has been dubbed the “architectural sensation of its day.” Furthermore, it is situated in a lovely, deer-filled parkland.

It’s Green

Nottingham is one of the UK’s greenest cities, having a plethora of parks, public gardens, and recreation areas. It has a 19th-century arboretum with over 800 trees, a rose garden, and a boating lake, as well as acres of area for picnics, promenades, and play. Attenborough Nature Reserve, just outside the city limits, is home to thousands of birds and an unique nature center that has earned accolades for eco-tourism. Bestwood, Broxtowe, and Shipley Country Parks are also close by, providing lots of options for anyone looking to get away from it all.