The Most Dangerous Countries Around The World

Published on 06/15/2020

Some countries are much better suited for tourists than others. Unfouentely, not every county in the world is a safe place, not just for people to visit and explore but for citizens as well. Sadly, so many countries around the world are full of violent crimes, terrorist organizations, and corrupt governments. Before think about traveling again, take a look at a few of the most dangerous countries in the world.

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The Most Dangerous Countries Around The World


This once beautiful country has unfortunately become one of the most dangerous countries in the world. At the moment, Yemen has the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with an ongoing civil war and major conflict there is an estimated 4.3 million people that have left their homes with 14 million people at risk of starvation and outbreaks of deadly diseases. Rebel groups that are based in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, along with extremist groups such as Al-Qa’ida are also active in the country. It is so sad to see how Yemen’s population lacks basic necessities like food, water, and medical assistance.

El Salvador

In addition to having one of the world’s highest homicide levels, El Salvador is determinately famous for its prominent gangs. Gang violence includes everything from extortion to arms and drug trafficking, and women are often the most target group of people. This is the main reason as to why many El Salvadorians seek asylum in the USA.

South Sudan

South Sudan is rated as one of the top 5 most dangerous countries in the world. South Sudan has continuous conflict, extensive violent crimes, such as robberies, assaults, carjacking, and kidnappings. Most of the armed conflict mostly occurs between the government and opposition groups. It is highly recommended that people do not travel to South Sudan


Numerous reports have considered Afghanistan to be the most dangerous country in the world. It is home to enormous conflict and major conflict, they also experience frequent deadly attacks from the Taliban across the country. To date, Afghanistan has the highest number of deaths from war and terrorism than any other country in the world. And seems as though no end is in sight!


For many years, there’s been a debate as to which country is the most dangerous -Syria or Afghanistan? Ever since 2011, Syria has been plagued with civil war and it has been considered as the second-deadliest war of the 21st century. An estimated 470,000 people, including 55,000 children, have been killed in the Syrian conflict. High levels of violence have been continuous throughout the country. As many as 5- 6 million people have fled Syria and over 6 million have been left homeless.


For several years, religious conflict has distressed Pakistan, and unfortunately, it’s still ongoing today throughout the country. The Pakistan government limits freedom of speech and does not allow foreigners access to several places throughout the country. The primarily deserted southwestern province of Pakistan is thought to be the most dangerous region in the country, the main reason being that the border with Afghanistan has no control making it easy for many Taliban to cross it freely.