Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

1.1 PowerpointBase’s Commitment: This document outlines the Privacy Policy (“Policy”) for PowerpointBase, operating as PowerpointBase – a limited liability company established under Israeli law, headquartered at Tel Aviv, Israel, and registered with the Chamber of Commerce of the state. For inquiries, please use our Contact Form.


1.2 Data Protection: PowerpointBase prioritizes your privacy. This Policy governs the handling of your personal data by PowerpointBase, including but not limited to data processed through our websites (“Websites”). The Websites cater to users above 16 years of age. We consciously avoid collecting data from individuals below this age threshold.


1.3 Age Restriction: The Websites and Services are not designed for children under 16 years old – or under 13 in the United States. Should we inadvertently acquire personal data from minors without appropriate parental consent, we will expunge such data. If you suspect we possess data concerning a minor under these age limits, please reach out through our Contact Form.


1.4 Language Availability: The primary language of this Privacy Policy is English. Should you require a translation in another language, please request one via our contact channels.


1.5 Navigating the Policy:

For your convenience, the sections of this privacy policy are organized as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Processing of Personal data
  • Purposes of the processing
  • Legal basis of the processing
  • Recipients of your Personal data
  • Retention of your Personal data
  • Safeguarding your Personal data
  • Your rights
  • Amendments and questions
  1. Personal Data Management

2.1 PowerpointBase’s Role as Data Controller: Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PowerpointBase holds the position of data controller. This entails that PowerpointBase specifies the objectives and methods for processing any Personal Data mentioned in this Policy. We are responsible for managing the data detailed in this section, and we do not participate in automated decision-making activities.


Data Acquired from Your Use

2.2 Information We Collect: During your visit to our Websites, we may automatically record certain data about you and your device, which includes:


  • Your anonymized IP address;
  • Your device’s unique identifier (for mobile devices);
  • Details about your configuration, such as language preferences, browser type (user agent), and operating system;
  • The query string used during the search;
  • Your selected settings on the Website;
  • Your geographical location and corresponding time zone.


2.3 Voluntary Data Submission

While utilizing our Websites, accessing content, and obtaining web search results generally does not necessitate the submission of Personal Data beyond the aforementioned details. However, there may be instances where you opt to share additional information with us, particularly when making inquiries through our Contact Form. In such interactions, we may process additional data you provide, including:


Your name;

Your company name;

Your email address;

Any other Personal data you provide us with.


On our website, PowerpointBase, we implement Google reCAPTCHA prior to the use of our Contact Form. This verification system is designed to determine whether a visitor is a real person rather than an automated bot. This step is crucial in safeguarding our contact form against cyber spam and misuse. By using this feature, you recognize and agree that the reCAPTCHA API gathers certain information to perform this check.


All cookies that Google has placed on the user’s system in the last 6 months

How many mouse clicks the user made in the browser window (or tapped if it is a touch device)

The scrolling behavior of the user

The webpage’s CSS

The user’s system date and time

The user’s IP address

Whether the user is currently logged in to their Google account

The user’s browser language setting

All add-ons installed in the user’s browser

All Javascript objects

The speed with which the user fills out the form


The data gathered is transmitted to Google for analytical purposes. The information obtained through your interaction with the service is utilized to enhance reCAPTCHA and bolster overall security measures. It is not employed for Google’s personalized advertising. For more comprehensive information, please refer to the following link: Google’s reCAPTCHA support page.


Data Sharing and Advertisement

2.4 Personal Data Sharing: If you decide to share additional Personal Data with us, we advise keeping it to the necessary minimum. We strongly discourage sharing sensitive Personal Data, such as information revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data, or information about your sex life or sexual orientation.


Partner Data Collection

2.5 Third-Party Processing: Third parties may process data related to you via our Websites to provide certain products and services. These third parties may use technologies like cookies, ad tags, or beacons to collect information about your interactions with their offerings on the Website.


We partner with to tier search feed providers for advertisements. Since we have disabled ad personalization, they will not collect or use your information to create an ad profile. Ads will be non-personalized, based on the website’s topic, your search terms, or your general location, not on your interests or browsing history. Your information may still be used to measure ad effectiveness and prevent fraud. Note: PowerpointBase is not responsible for tracking cookies previously accepted on third-party websites. These third parties are independent data controllers and are responsible for informing you.


For Google’s privacy policy, please refer to the Google Privacy Policy.


Cookie Policy and User Data

2.6 Cookies and Data Collection by Partners: Third parties providing us with products and services may place cookies, ad tags, and beacons to collect the outlined information, offering us analytics tools to analyze our Services’ performance and enabling ad delivery. They may also gather information about you from other sources and combine it with data collected from third-party websites not affiliated with us. Stored information includes IP addresses, location (country), browser data, and displayed results (ads and organic). Certain information is shared with third parties to facilitate our service (displaying results, both ads, and organic).


User behavior is not tracked to align organic results or ads with the visitor’s profile. Results and ads are displayed based solely on the search query. Personalized ads are disabled across all websites. Necessary cookies are crucial for operating our websites, providing basic functionality, page loading, rendering, navigation, and security. They also help identify and prevent fraud. For more details, see the PowerpointBase cookie policy.


  1. Processing Purposes

3.1 Data Usage Objectives: The primary purposes for processing your Personal Data include delivering the best possible services, optimizing our Websites and services, and ensuring their continuity. Specifically, your Personal Data may be used for:


  • Service Provision: We require certain information to provide and improve our services. This includes displaying search results and advertisements relevant to your query and ensuring security.


  • Service Improvement: We continuously enhance user experience and add new features to our Websites.


  • Security: To offer an optimal user experience, we actively monitor our services to prevent unauthorized access and threats.


  • Communication: When you contact us, we process your contact details and any additional Personal Data you provide to respond effectively to your inquiry.


  • Rights Protection: We may exercise legal rights in case of intellectual property infringement, fraudulent activities, or violations of this Policy or our terms of service.


  • Partner Compensation: We process certain Personal Data to calculate compensation for our advertising partners.


  • Legal Compliance: We may process Personal Data as required by law or court orders.


Certainly! Here’s a rephrased version of the text:


  1. Legal Grounds for Data Processing

4.1 Basis for Processing Your Personal Data:


  • Contractual Necessity: The majority of our data processing is performed to fulfill our service commitments to you.


  • Legitimate Interests: We may process your Personal Data based on legitimate business interests, such as for partner compensation. PowerpointBase’s search engines cater to a global audience, displaying the most pertinent content and ads in response to your search queries. The collection of information is solely for operational purposes. We store data like IP addresses, location (country), browser details, and the results shown (ads and organic) to deliver and enhance our services. This information may also be shared with third parties to facilitate our services, including the display of results and the settlement of fees.


We assure you that user behavior is not monitored to tailor organic results or ads to personal profiles. Results and ads are presented solely based on search queries. Personalized ads are deactivated across all our websites. The data we use is critical for:


  • Running our websites effectively, allowing us to present search results and ads that align with your search queries.


  • Detecting and preventing fraudulent activities and bolstering security.


  • Consent: For processing activities that are not related to our contract or legitimate interests, we will rely on your consent.


  1. Disclosure of Your Personal Data

5.1 Potential Recipients of Your Data:


  • Suppliers and Partners: We may share your Personal Data with suppliers, subcontractors, and business partners when necessary for the functionality of our Websites and services. This includes our hosting provider, job application platform provider, user-experience improvement partners, and IT support and office software providers.


  • Group Companies: Personal Data may be shared within the PowerpointBase group for compliance, internal reporting, auditing, or security.


  • Professional Service Providers: This includes accountants, legal advisors, and other professionals we engage for compliance purposes.


  • Advertising Partners: Your website visit data may be shared with advertising partners to provide relevant ads on our Websites and elsewhere, and to gauge ad effectiveness. Ads are based on the website’s content, your search terms, or your general location, not on personal interests or browsing history.


  • Law Enforcement and Legal Processes: We may be required to share your data with law enforcement, regulators, courts, or other public authorities in response to legal orders or to exercise our rights.


  • Fraud Prevention: We may disclose data to third parties for the prevention, investigation, or response to suspected illegal or fraudulent activities, or to protect the rights and safety of ourselves, our users, or others.


  • Business Transfers: In the event of a merger, acquisition, asset sale, or corporate restructuring, we may transfer data to involved third parties.


5.2 International Data Transfers:

When transferring your Personal Data outside the European Economic Area (EEA), we ensure proper safeguards are in place. Specifically, we use Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) approved by the European Commission to bind recipients to protect your data. We evaluate, with the assistance of recipients in third countries if necessary, whether the laws or practices of a third country affect the SCCs’ effectiveness. If so, we implement additional measures to enhance protection to the level required by EU law.


Here’s a rephrased version of the text:


  1. Data Retention

6.1 Duration of Data Retention: We hold onto your Personal Data only as long as needed for the purposes outlined earlier. For spam detection and statistical analysis, data is kept for 7 days, and for tracking conversions, we retain data for 30 days. Beyond these periods, we’ll retain your Personal Data only if legal, reporting, or auditing obligations demand it. Whenever feasible, we anonymize or pseudonymize your data, or store it in a collective format.


  1. Data Security

7.1 Commitment to Data Security: The protection of your Personal Data is paramount to us. We implement various security measures, including but not limited to:


  • Pseudonymization and encryption of Personal Data;


  • Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resilience of our processing systems and services;


  • Prompt restoration of Personal Data availability and access after physical or technical incidents;


  • Regular testing, assessment, and evaluation of the effectiveness of our technical and organizational security measures.


  1. Your Privacy Rights

8.1 Your Entitlements:


  • Objection: You may object to the processing of your Personal Data under certain conditions.


  • Access: You’re entitled to confirm whether your Personal Data is being processed, understand the processing purposes, know the data categories and recipients, and receive a clear communication of the data processed, including the source.


  • Rectification and Erasure: If your Personal Data is inaccurately or incompletely processed, you have the right to have it rectified, restricted, erased, blocked, or deleted.


  • Data Portability: You can receive your Personal Data in a structured, widely-used, and machine-readable format for transfer.


  • Withdraw Consent: If your data is processed based on consent, you can withdraw that consent anytime.


  • Complaints: You have the right to lodge a complaint with the appropriate data protection authority, such as the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens in the Netherlands.


8.2 Exercising Your Rights: You can exercise your rights by reaching out to us through our Contact Form.


8.3 Verification: To address your requests, we may need additional information to confirm your identity. We collect and process such data solely to fulfill your requests.


  1. Policy Updates and Inquiries

9.1 Policy Changes: PowerpointBase reserves the right to modify this Policy. Any changes will be published on our Website.


9.2 Questions: If you have questions or wish to exercise any rights mentioned in this Policy, please contact us via the Contact Form.