Essential Family Travel Tips When Cruising With Kids

Published on 11/01/2020

Planning your next vacation and considering taking the family on a cruise? Then you’ve come to the right place…we have some of the best tips just for you! In recent years, cruising has become a popular and all-around favorite vacation choice for many families. With loads of entertainment options, endless food choices, and a variety of different destinations to explore, there is certainly something for every family member to enjoy. To help you get the most out of your family-friendly cruise vacation, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help you out.

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Essential Family Travel Tips When Cruising With Kids

Choose A Cruise Line That Accomdate Kids

Firstly, you would most likely want to do as much research as you can as there are so many different cruise ships available. However, not all of them accommodate families and children. Some of the industry’s very best cruise lines are Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean International which are totally packed with amazing facilities and entertainment options for children of all ages. Take our advice, picking the right ship can make the world of difference when keeping your kids happy and giving you the most perfect vacation.

Carefully Select Your Cabin

When it comes to selecting your cabins, this is where we recommend that you do not compromise. Even if you arent spending that many nights on the ship, the last thing you want to do is squeeze a family of four or more into a tightly spaced cabin. Not many people realize how small many of the cabins are and don’t often provide space for families to spread out. Even though you’re more likely to spend the majority of the time participating in onboard activities or exploring the destinations once the ship has docked, you still need to take into account the importance of downtime, especially if you have kids that need to nap. It’s best to book a family-geared cabin that’s equipped for families with kids and perhaps even with a balcony. This can be an instant lifesaver.

Research Age-Approparite Excursion

Every child has different needs and preferences. However, luckily on many of the cruise ships, there is always something to suit every child. Before you look at excursion off the ship there are also tons of activities for children of all ages on board. One of the best options is getting your children involved in the kid’s clubs which are often staffed by pro counselors. These programs are tailored to suit children of all ages. Additionally, when planning activities once you have docked, it is extremely vital to do as much research as you can!

Avoid Over-Schedule Your Trip

Vacationing with kids is not always easy, especially while on a cruise ship. This is why so many things need to be taken into account that you may not have thought about before kids were a thing. We highly recommend that you embrace flexibility and resist jam-packing your vacation schedule. It’s best to keep your itinerary as casual as possible, as so many other factors can pop up at any time.