5 Foods You Should Never Eat While Flying

Published on 08/03/2019
5 Foods You Should Never Eat While Flying

5 Foods You Should Never Eat While Flying

It’s absolutely no secret that the food you get while flying is about as tasty as a piece of bubblegum… that’s been sitting under the shoe of a train conductor… closing in on his 6-hour shift. I apologize for the graphic example, but hey, we all know what I’m saying. I definitely believe in packing your own snacks and sandwiches for every flight, but you might want to avoid these flying food blunders that can turn your flight into an irreversible nightmare. Here we go!


Peanuts and peanut butter. The easiest spread for your bread, and the driest snack you can shove into your pockets… just don’t mix those two up. The chance of running into an issue during a flight with these foods is surprisingly high. If there happens to be just one person on your flight with a nut allergy, then you can say “ciao ciao” to your mile-high munch.


Pretty much everyone knows that the food you get on flights lacks flavor. There is notable scientific evidence explaining why this is so, but hey, I just want something tasty! Salami. Flavorful, aromatic and easy to snack on. Only, if you pack some salami sandwiches for the journey, you might experience difficulty breathing through your nose. The fats in the meat can cause congestion, and nobody wants to be snoring on a flight… or next to a snorer for that matter.

Beans & Peas

Beans! Beans! Good for your heart! The more you eat, the more you f…orget we even started this. Beans and peas might be a healthy alternative to a side of chips, but you’ll pay the price. Research has shown that gasses in the stomach can expand up to three times as much while flying. So next time you book yourself a seat on a flight, remember which one you were actually supposed to spend the trip sitting on.

Onions & Garlic

Do we really have to let you know why these two foods are a bad idea? How about this – eat them, start chatting up your flight neighbor, and wait for the results. That’s right, no-one likes a smelly mouth breathing in their face… especially for 6 hours! It might be tempting (the eating part, not the breathing in someone else’s face), but like the greats of our time tell us, “Nobody likes a stinky breath on a long flight!” Someone must have said that once.


Before you start throwing your toys out of the crib, read till the end. There really should NEVER be a reason not to eat chocolate, unless the world is about to explode! Actually, scratch that – it’s probably the best time for chocolate chowing! But when going on long flights, especially those of the red-eye persuasion, you might want to skip on the devil’s delight. Researchers found that eating chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, prevented passengers from sleeping on flights. I guess you can wait until you land… or take a skip on sleeping. Life is all about priorities, guys!