5 Forbidden Places Even The Pope Isn’t Allowed To Visit

Published on 07/30/2019

The world has a wide collection of absolutely perfect vacation spots. While some vacationers might opt for white beaches and turquoise coastlines, others seek thrill and adventure. In this case though, we have put together a list of five locations from around the world that even the Pope himself is not allowed to visit. So get out your suitcase, pack it fast and choose somewhere else to go, because these places are not on today’s travel itinerary!

5 Forbidden Places Even The Pope Cant Visit Check These Out

5 Forbidden Places Even The Pope Cant Visit Check These Out

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

Let’s start off calmly. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway is currently home to more than 1,000,000 different seeds. This vault serves as a “doomsday” backup for any kind of disaster our precious Earth might encounter. Funding for this incredible structure came mainly from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as other governments from around the world. Want to check out the seed bank? No can do.

Coca-Cola Vault, USA

Wouldn’t it be just swell to learn how they make Coca-Cola? The recipe has been kept a secret from the masses since Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden… or something like that. Even though you can visit the Coca-Cola vault and share in one of the most epic tours in beverage history, you will never get access into the actual vault where the secret Coca-Cola recipe is written on a single piece of paper. More than 120 years on and we’re still not sure if cocaine is still an ingredient or not.

Snake Island, Brazil

The name should be enough of a repellent for you, don’t you think? Well if Snake Island doesn’t sound scary enough then perhaps the Golden Lancehead Viper will do the trick. This venomous creature’s poison can literally melt human flesh! We’re totally on board with the Brazilian government’s ban on visiting the island. After all there are between two and five snakes for every square meter!

North Sentinel Island, India

Even though the island politically belongs to India, it’s very much under the authority of the local tribe living there. North Sentinel Island is home to an uncontacted tribe that has zero tolerance for intruders… or visitors for that matter. Curious tourists have been violently attacked and killed in the past. Perhaps you should give this one a quick.

Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican

Even the Pope can’t get into all the chambers of the Vatican’s secret archives! Sure, he does have the authority to decide when articles and papers will be released to the public. One such occasion of this exception was in 2009 when Dan Brown’s book Angels and Demons described the secrets of the Illuminati being stored in these chambers. The Pope decided to release certain documents in order to counter the claims made by the book. Whew, close call!