Tips For Staying Safe In The Sun

Published on 02/27/2020
Tips For Staying Safe In The Sun

Tips For Staying Safe In The Sun

There’s nothing quite like spending a summer day on the beach or by the pool… Relaxing, splashing around, soaking up some sun. It truly is a little slice of heaven. However, we still need to be aware of the dangers of too much sun and practice sun safety! Not to be a bummer, but too much sun exposure can have very negative effects on the skin, from sunburns to premature aging, and even cancer. So, in order to prevent all of those things, we’ve gathered some great tips for you to use in order to keep yourself safe this summer in the sun!


Let’s start with the obvious: sunscreen. This is absolutely crucial, no matter what skin tone you are. Even if you aren’t someone who burns easily, or at all, use sunscreen – always. When buying sunscreen, pay attention to the UVA and UVB types on the bottles and find the one that’s best for your skin. Make sure to use at least 30 SPF and go for higher if you happen to have more sensitive skin. Finally, don’t forget to reapply throughout the day!


Did you know that the skin on your face is actually thinner than the rest of your body? For that reason, it’s important to take extra care of it. Wear a hat when you’re out in the sun to protect your head and face. Get a cute hat you’ll enjoy wearing!


If you’re planning on spending a whole day out in the sun, try to keep to the shade during certain hours when the sun is hottest. From 10 am to 4 pm, the sun is at its strongest, so be aware of that.


Instead of getting those cheap sunglasses you always see, opt for good ones with UV filters to protect your eyes from sun damage.


Stay hydrated! Aside from the possibility of getting burned, being in the sun can also risk dehydration or heat stroke. It’s so important to keep drinking water throughout the day.